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At the Law and Mediation Offices of Karen P. Sampson, Esquire, LLC, we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to help them secure not just any solution, but the best solution for them given their family situation.  Whether our clients need assistance with in person or virtual Divorce Mediation, negotiating a Divorce settlement, participating in a Collaborative Divorce, probating an Estate,  or drafting a Will, we are committed to listening to their needs and working with them to determine the best path for them to achieve their goals and move forward with their lives.

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Your marriage may end,

but your family will not.

Divorce does not have to define your future. There are divorce processes, such as divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, that allow you and your spouse to privately resolve divorce issues together outside of court in a respectful and efficient manner so you can both move forward with your lives.

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Save Time & Money

Divorce mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options can  save both time and money over traditional divorce litigation.

Control The Outcome

Don’t let a judge determine the details of your future. You and your spouse can have complete control over the outcome of your divorce.

Protect Your Privacy

Keep the details of your personal and professional lives from becoming public record.

Protect Your Children

A court battle can be hard on not only the parties but also on the children.  Divorce mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options may provide a  better way to protect children from the trauma of conventional litigious divorce.

Wills & Estates

Death is inevitable. It is important for you to be aware of how your loved ones will be provided for and what will happen to your assets and debts upon your death.

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Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce typically involves the two spouses discussing their divorce issues on their own, with a mediator, or with attorneys, and then coming to an agreement on all of the issues.

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Post Divorce Matters

Post-divorce matters include enforcement of prior divorce, custody and/or support judgments and orders as well as modifications of those judgments or orders.

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How to Avoid the Traditional Antagonistic Divorce Litigation Process, and Divorce with Dignity While Protecting Your Kids and Resolving Your Divorce Issues Without Going to Court​

Resolving divorce issues without going to Court is generally faster, less expensive and more amicable than a traditional litigious divorce.

In this free ebook you’ll learn:

  • Two ways to settle divorce issues outside of Court that focus on healthy communication, ending the marriage with dignity, and moving forward
  • How you and your spouse can craft your own agreement with the help of professionals, thereby removing the uncertainty of not knowing how a judge will rule
  • How resolving divorce issues outside of Court can help you save money, get divorced faster, and protect your privacy

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Going through a divorce is far from a pleasant experience, but working with Karen made it much more bearable. She was extremely responsive to any questions I had and always quick to get back to me. She found a great middle ground between respecting my wishes and wanting to do what she felt was in my best interest. When my divorce was complete, I felt completely confident in contacting her for other legal matters.
Karen worked tirelessly to help me navigate through a difficult divorce. Her responses were immediate, and she gave me excellent advice. I cannot recommend her highly enough