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Helping clients reach the best resolutions in the most difficult of situations. 

At the Law & Mediation Offices of Karen P. Sampson, we are here to help you handle your legal family matter in a civil, fair, respectable and dignified manner, taking into account your interests and goals.  

Family legal matters can be highly emotional, stressful, and financially draining.  We try to alleviate some of these burdens by offering MEDIATION and COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE, as ways to resolve family issues outside of Court.

MEDIATION provides the assistance of a neutral third person (the mediator) to help facilitate discussion between the parties to resolve issues that can pertain to divorce, separation, post-divorce, estate administration and probate.

COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE is a relatively new, non-litigious divorce option where each spouse retains a collaborative attorney, signs a participation agreement, and pledges to put forth best efforts, good faith and full disclosure to resolve all divorce issues outside of Court. 
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Whether you are single or married, it is important to consider having 
an ESTATE PLAN to determine who will handle your affairs, who will be a Guardian for minor children, who will be the beneficiaries, and other important factors.  If a loved one has passed without a Will, or if you were named a beneficiary in someone's Will, you may have questions about the ESTATE ADMINISTRATION.  If you have an elderly parent or disabled child over the age of 18, a GUARDIANSHIP may be needed.  

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