The Law & Mediation Offices of Karen P. Sampson provides Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Real Estate and other Family Law services to South Jersey.
We offer Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce services which allow you to resolve your divorce issues privately and outside of Court while still protecting your interests.  
We also offer legal services in the areas of Family LawEstate Planning & Administration, Guardianships, and Residential Real Estate.  
Think about your options and make GOOD CHOICES for yourself and your family. 
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     At the Law and Mediation Offices of Karen P. Sampson, Esquire, L.L.C., we know that families matter.  
     We provide services to help you with your family legal issues pertaining to divorce, separation, post-divorce, estate planning, estate administration, guardianships and residential real estate. 
      We provide "Traditional" Legal Services, as well as Collaborative and Mediation services. 

      Karen P. Sampson is an experienced attorney, mediator, and collaborative divorce attorney.  She is actively involved in collaborative, mediation and legal professional associations and is a graduate of Rutgers Law School where she was awarded Tax Honors with Distinction. As a parent, attorney, and mediator, she understands the importance of addressing and resolving family matters in a fair, respectful, holistic and dignified manner, while being an advocate for the clients she represents.  
          •   Do you have legal family issues that need to be addressed?  Are you concerned about your family's well-being as a whole?   
        •   Are you and your spouse experiencing marital issues?  If you cannot reconcile, do you know about Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?
        •   When was the last time you updated your Estate Plan? What would happen to your children and your assets if something should tragically happen to you? 
        •   Who would handle your affairs if you become incapacitated? 
        •   Do you have a family member who needs a guardian?  
      Contact us to schedule an in-person or telephone consultation to discuss your matter privately and confidentially.  In addition to providing "traditional" legal services for your family matters, we also offer Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation as alternative ways to resolve your divorce issues.  These options offer a "better way" to work out your divorce issues and settle your matter outside of court without incurring massive litigation fees.  Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation provide privacy and allow you and your spouse to determine together how you will settle your issues.  Both processes offer an opportunity to think "outside the box" to find agreeable solutions and resolve all issues in a non-adversarial environment. 
 "Traditional" Legal Services are offered in the areas of:

 Family Law: Divorce, Separation, Custody, Support and Post-Divorce issues.
 Property Settlement Agreements: Negotiating and Drafting Property Settlement Agreements. 
 Estate Planning: Simple Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Will
 Estate Administration: Probate and Intestacy Matters
 Guardianships: Guardianship proceedings and issues.
 Residential Real Estate: Residential Real Estate sales and purchases 
Please call us at 856-439-0068 to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal matter. Or, you could leave us a message using the 'Contact Us' page of this website.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope to help you resolve your legal matter. 
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Find out how we can help you with your FAMILY matters related to Divorce, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Guardianship, and Residential Real Estate.
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